Friday, February 19, 2010

The Holiday

Oh dear, has it really been this long?? A thousand apologies and many thanks for your comments and for the Blog Award, Honore! (I feel completely undeserving after having deserted this blog for so long!!!)

I will kick things off with one of the most gorgeous movie knits ever: the cabled cardigan (or is it a sweater?) that Cameron Diaz wears in The Holiday (a thoroughly enjoyable "chick flick" by the way):

(Both pics via amazonjb on Flickr)

FYI, this sweater retails for close to $1000! I kid you not. Ok, it's cashmere but still!

But thanks to the magic that is Ravelry, I present to you the Fireside Sweater by Amber Allison (pattern available for purchase on Ravelry here):

Check out PoshKnit's version here. And YarnIt's version here. And KissMyFrog's version here... Beautiful.


  1. Thanks for posting these photos of Cameron Diaz's cardigan - it's a little hard to get a good view from the movie, especially when you have downloaded it from YouTube! I want to make my own version - don't totally like the Fireside version on Ravelry. Besides I'm not exactly Cameron's size! :(

    1. I agree. I think the design is sound but the way the front edges of the cardigan comes together could have been cleaner.