Saturday, February 20, 2010


There are many reasons to watch Pedro Almodovar's Volver. But beyond Penelope Cruz's acting chops, you will no doubt notice the gorgeous cardigans she wears throughout the film.
If you like this look, check out the pattern options I selected for you:

How pretty is this? LOVE the color!!
Myrtle Cardigan by Snowden Becker: ravelry link here.

Lace Cardigan by Sarah Dallas (from the book "Vintage Knits"): ravelry link here.

Lace pattern cardigan by DROPS design (FREE!): ravelry link here.

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  1. Volver is a stunning movie and I love Cruz's colorful style throughout. There are a few scenes when all four women are wearing lace cardigans in different bold colors! The dream briefly came to me that I could knit every single cardigan worn by Cruz in this movie... but then I decided better to just concentrate on the one dark green lace v-neck. Thanks for the pattern suggestions- I think my pick would be Becker's Myrtle cardigan with a deep v-neck!